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Research and Development
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MasterShip is an innovative company where we constantly challenge the status-quo to make better products and improve our service. MasterShip has worked on some of the most famous yachts and ships sailing around the world today.

  • MasterShip Projects provides engineering services from naval architecture to production design, using our own software. Are you looking to expand your shipbuilding knowledge to a higher level? We are always looking for enthusiastic students that are looking for an internship.
  • MasterShip Software creates software for the detailed design and work preparation of ships of all shapes and sizes. Our software uses the AutoCAD graphical environment and APIs for user interaction. We always have interesting projects for trainees, ranging from UX design to backend database programming to graphical object manipulation and more.

For our HQ in Eindhoven we are always looking for a student intern to support/enhance our ongoing. This is expected to be a starting role in the field of MasterShip Projects implementation and to begin the career as Junior Naval architect or Mechanical engineer.

We are looking for interns from multiple disciplines; A good candidate has a background in engineering, software development, management or an adjacent sector.

Exclusive Topics (For Intern)

1. Virtual Workshop / Floor Planning
Be part of revolutionizing shipbuilding with our virtual workshop concept. Utilizing MasterShip’s extensive database, we aim to simulate the production design phase, identifying potential challenges and aiding shipyards in developing efficient assembly plans. Your insightscould shape the future of ship construction.

2. Space claim
Shipbuilding is one of the most multi-disciplinary industries out there. This has a beautiful side: a great collaboration between different parties is needed. Though, this is also a bottleneck at the same time. A significant part of the building cost can be retraced to miscommunications between the parties.

With all technical advancement in the world, we say that nowadays the integration of disciplines is the real challenge! MasterShip wants to tackle this problem in the early design stages with the use of CAD-software.

3. Sustainable yachts
Join us in pioneering sustainable yacht design. We’re exploring how to integrate a circulareconomy approach by creating a comprehensive parts list for yachts, including hull, interior, systems, and equipment, with a focus on their environmental footprint. Help us lead the way in eco-friendly maritime innovation.

4. Drawing register
At MasterShip we have seen a lot of technical drawings. A drawing is quite often revised, and with this multiple versions of a drawing emerge. The practice of the day tells us that this invokes miscommunications, leading to mistakes in the workshop and unnecessary overhead costs.

MasterShip wants to unburden clients and prevent this issue with the use of a version control system. We aim for a simple software solution with a very high potential.

5. Welding Information in Shipbuilding
Welding, a vital component in shipbuilding, has the potential for significant automation. We aim to integrate welding details, including direction, size, and type, directly onto plate parts and shell expansion drawings. This automation, tailored to specific plate part requirements, promises to revolutionize and streamline a critical aspect of ship design. Embrace this challenge with us and be part of a transformative journey in maritime engineering.

6. Your own suggestion
If the assignments above are not what you are looking for please come up with your own idea and contact us.

Function requirements

  • Enthusiasm
  • Healthy working attitude
  • Studente in the fields of Naval architecture or Mechanical engineering
  • Prior knowledge of ship design phasses is plus
  • Good knowledge of AutoCAD
  • General Knowledge/Valid interest in Classification Societies Rule is plus
  • Good communication, commercial and goal focusing skills
  • High level knowledge of English

What we offer

  • Working with young and enthusiastic colleagues in a multidisciplinary environment
  • Hands on experience over on-going R&D projects of MasterShip
  • An environment in which you can develop your skills
  • Contribution and project feedback for improving project procedures and MasterShip software development
  • Upon completion, possibility to come on board with MasterShip
  • At MasterShip we have an open work culture where fun, personal development and hard work are our focus points.

You will be working in a team and ultimately as a team leader (as per your performance). You may be required to fulfill tasks on your own basis. A Chief Naval Architect will assist project training, project Management and skills for leading a growing team of Naval Architects, Surveyors and Marine Engineers.


  • 3-6 months (can be extended)


We expect a high level of independence and initiative from our future colleagues. Our driving force is being innovative, making profit and having fun. If you can handle this and you feel comfortable in an informal environment we have a great internship for you.

Please send your motivation letter and resume in-order to qualify for this position to
Anoek Boele /