Dagexcursie Vitters

"Vitters Shipyard is an award-winning Dutch high-end performance yacht builder. Vitters’ high performance yachts explore the oceans of the world and are distinguished by their immaculate finish, innovative sail systems and on board comfort. Vitters Shipyard has a crew of dedicated engineers and craftspeople who have a strong eye for detail and the passion to exceed the expectations of its yacht owners. Excellence is achieved as part of the daily routine at Vitters; innovation, finding the right solutions and precise, professional execution is standard practice."

Vitters Shipyards is een jachtenbouwer die specialiseert in het bouwen van zeiljachten. Op 12 mei gaan we daar met een groep heen om te zien hoe ze deze waanzinnige creaties tot stand brengen. Er zijn maar 27 plekken, dus schrijf je snel in!