• Tuesday 26 June 2018

    Essay competition

    Dear Sir/Madam, Preply’s third Essay Competition is underway! We’re awarding $3500 in scholarships, and the deadline for submitting essays is quickly approaching. We want to make sure the students at your university are aware of the...
  • Tuesday 26 June 2018

    Workgroup Lijst Beta

    Message of Lijst Beta! As a student council we hear a lot that we are to visible during campaign, but invisible in the other periods. Besides that, we like to get more feedback. Thats why Lijst Bèta wants to organise workgroups, where stud...
  • Wednesday 13 June 2018

    Education feedback

    Dear students, In case you want to give feedback on the education in de master tracks, please contact SMT. The comissioner of education of this committee might be able to help. Furthermore, SMT organises a town hall meeting every quarter t...