Patronage Audacia

The Audacia of Allseas is a pipelaying vessel which is operational since 2007. In the academic year of 2006-2007, the 103rd board of our society has sent a long letter to Allseas during the building with the question whether the ship could be baptised "William Froude". Unfortunately, this idea was not feasible, since Allseas already had plans for a name of this ship. This initiative was well received by Allseas and believed it was a good opportunity to strengthen the connection with Froude. This gave Allseas the idea to give patronage of the Audacia to the board of S.G. "William Froude".

Since our board changes yearly, the patronage is also transferred to the new board yearly. This is the ceromony where sir Heerema is personally present to lead the ceremony. Besides the two changing boards, the former boards are also invited. The patronage brings more than a ceremony. In the boardroom, the clause that seals the patronage is always within reach of the chairman, together with 'the keg'. The keg is a 10 liter keg in which our Oorlam is deliciously aged and comes out with a soft taste. In addition, there is also a plaque in the boardroom where the new board puts its name under each year.

From Froude we think this is a very nice gesture that Allseas makes with this and this has only strengthened the connection between Allseas and Froude.