Fysiek: Ulstein en TNO Casus

On June 11th Ulstein Design and Solutions and TNO will be giving two separate cases. The first case will be given by Ulstein and start at 8.45 until 10.35 and will finish off with a small coffee break. After that TNO will give a case until 12.45. Both cases will be on campus in Zaal C in 3me. The cases will be in dutch unless there are English speakers present. Please bring a computer, pencil, and paper and ensure that you are dressed Froude correctly.

For the students that do not want to come to the case, they are welcome to use hall L and M for self study.

Ulstein Design and Solutions: Given by Bart Daman en Jeroen Taen

How can naval architects manage design uncertainties when designing a conceptual ship?

Designing a ship is extremely complex and is a balance between the many, often contradictory requirements set by the various stakeholders in a project. As a Naval Architect, you need to be aware of the impact of every small design change even if it is based on gut feeling and experience. At Ulstein Design and Solutions B.V. we have developed a method to assess design uncertainties during the early stages of the design process. Together with the shipowner and other stakeholders this structured method finds these uncertainties so they can be assessed and corrected to ensure they do not cause problems later in the design process. This workshop will introduce the method and includes an example to show how you can use this method yourself. It will provide you with an extra tool you can use during your professional life as a naval architect.

TNO: Given by Lex Vredevelt

Due to huge improvements in materials available for building ships and other seagoing structures, flexibility has been increasing. Ships therefore become more susceptible to vibration and resonance, which can cause serious damage if it is not properly dealt with. A classic solution is the application of a tuned mass damper (TMD). This device is not common in the maritime sector and can be a huge part of our future. The design case next week on Friday will show you how you can use a TMD in a ship structure to deal with vibrations. The system will be demonstrated as well. 

If more than 25 students sign up there will be a lottery on June 10th.