Nevesbu Case

Offshore wind energy is becoming a significant part in the renewable energy mix, but has still not reached its full potential. There are locations where steadier and stronger winds can be found than in the North Sea, but typically these locations are in water depths over 500 m. A lot of floating wind turbine concepts have already been developed. But to decrease the transport losses of energy to shore, a floating wind farm also need a floating substation to convert the energy from wind turbines to High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC). During this case study you will design your own floating HVDC platform. The challenge will be to create a floating solution for equipment that was designed for land-based application in wind speeds of 8 Beaufort and waves up to 12 meters high.

Friday the 20th of November, a case organised by Nevesbu and SMT will take place. It will be during the on campus hours (09:00-12:00). Probably, you will be expected to arrive a bit earlier at a certain time slot, but more information will follow by mail. There is a maximum of 28 people, so first come first serve. It is possible to register till the 18th of November!

Hope to see you there!