Emission Discussion Night

Event Description

On the 27th of November 2020 the first “Maritime Discussion Night” will take place from 17:00 to 19:00. The Maritime Discussion Night is an event that offers Maritime Master Students the opportunity to actively participate in a discussion and debate about emissions in order to learn about the different (political) viewpoints and to dive into the changes that we will face as future engineers.


At the TU Delft we are taught the academic material with regards to emissions, but to avoid a colored (political) view the emission debate is not fully covered. However, as students we are aware of the existence of regulatory, social, technical, financial and many more challenges and conflicts. By means of this Discussion Night we hope to deepen this topic and to open our eyes for the broadness of emissions. The goal of the event is to get an active discussion started among the students about green(er) shipping, and to introduce to this discussion not only the technical aspects which are taught at university but to widen the insight to policy making as well as to economic aspects.


For this expert panel we invite two academics, a fleet operator, policy maker/advisor, and two politicians. The event will be led by Marnix Krikke from Netherland Maritime Technology. With this mixed panel we hope to provide the students with a broad and knowledgeable expert panel and by that an evening of fruitful discussions!

Moderator Marnix Krikke (NMT)
Scientist with tech./eng. background P.de Vos (TU Delft)
Scientist with environmental background Vincent Doedée (Mr. Sustainability)
Policy maker/policy adviser Nick Lurkin (KVNR)
Fleet operator/owner Wieger Duursema (Wagenborg)
Politicians TBD


The event consists of two parts. First, is a discussion which is separated by topics to be able to focus attention on separate subjects while also listening to the opinion of panel members who are experts in other fields. During the first part the following aspects of maritime emissions will be addressed:

  • Technical aspects
    • Is there a magic bean for a green solution?
    • What are the restraining factors to create novel solutions for green shipping?
    • Can compensating emissions be an alternative for zero emission shipping?
  • Policy aspect
    • Why is shipping not included in the Paris agreement?
    • Why are the ECA (Emission controlled areas) covering only a very small fraction of the shipping routes?
    • Will the MRV (Monitor, Report, Verify) or DSC (Data Collection System) regulation cause significant change among charterers selecting cleaner ships?
    • Are the regulations set by IMO reachable with the current technologies without significantly compromising the economical state of the owners?
  • Economical aspect
    • What is the most efficient investment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
    • A (future) superyachts owner can have an idea and go for an innovative solution (without any consequences). Does that stand for commercial shipping?

The second part will be a follow up discussion, debate on the previous topics in smaller groups in breakout rooms. Each breakout room is joined by a panel member who will talk about his or her viewpoints, answer the questions of students. In this part questions such as below could be covered:

  • Can we separate legislation, owner’s/operator’s responsibility, and engineering solutions on the path of a greener future?
  • What are the current ‘bottlenecks’ against emission improvement?
  • What do you think is the reputation of the shipping industry with respect to emissions and if it is negative, how can we change it?

What is in it for students?

  • Get information on maritime emissions
  • Address your questions to experts on their field
  • By registering have a chance to win presents
  • Get a refund up to 10 EUR for your dinner that night (limited number, first come first served)
  • Get Colloquia points