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  • Lunch lecture Oceanco

    On Tuesday June 19 the last lunch lecture of the year will be organised in cooperation with Oceanco. A Naval Architect will tell us something about developing an Oceanco: Design, Sell, Build and Promote the owner’s perfect yacht.

  • SMT End of the year BBQ

    Finally, the event that you were all waiting for!

  • Shipathon

    Join the Shipathon in Amsterdam, the only maritime hackathon for game changers in the shipping and shipbuilding industries. On November 9 and 10, 120 young professionals and students will spend 18 hours and 52 minutes, a nautical mile of time, to work on one of three challenges aimed at smartening sea going vessels.

  • SMT Pubcrawl 18/12

    On the 18th of December, just before the christmas holidays, SMT organises a pub crawl in the city centre of Delft! We will visit 4 pubs betwen 20h00 and 00h00! In every pub we will supply the first drink!
    Practical information:
    - Assembly 20h00 at the Market in Delft city center
    - Finished at 00h00 but options to continue, obviously...
    - We will visit S-café so you will meet fellow MT students!
    - Please enroll below

  • Symposium: Looking back from 2050

    On Tuesday the 19th February a Symposium will be held. The theme, ‘Looking back from 2050’ is encouraged by Blueprint 2050 of the Nationaal Instituut voor Scheepsvaart en Scheepsbouw (NISS). The attention is focussed on the future of the maritime sector during this anniversary symposium of S.G. “William Froude”, organised at LantarenVenster in Rotterdam.

    In a previous symposium of the Niss, scenarios were developed in Blueprint 2050, and three self-contained underlying themes are recognized regarding the maritime sector: Space, Transport, and Energy. Challenges for engineers shall arise to support a substantial growth and their needs.
    What the world looks like in 2050, we don’t know with certainty. However, in facilitating a world with a significant population pressure, technological breakthroughs must occur. During the day, specialists will outline their view of 2050, and look back on the journey that brought mankind to this 2050. Was it a narrow path or a wide road?

    The day will start at LantarenVenster, and afterwards, it is possible to join a diner.

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