Damen Bachelor Awards

As we admire new ambitions and ideas, we are continuously supporting new technical developments and talents. For the third consecutive year, Damen Shipyards, together with the Delft University Fund, is rewarding exceptional work delivered in all bachelor degrees of the Delft University of Technology. We grant € 13,500 to the creators of five excellent papers (both for individuals and groups).

The prize money is divided as follows:

Nr. 1    € 5.000,-
Nr. 2    € 3.000,-
Nr. 3    € 2.000,-
Nr. 4    € 1.500,-
Nr. 5    € 1.000,-

Two incentive prizes of € 500,- each will be awarded to those individuals or group who just missed out on the top 5 papers.

Application process

Applying for the Bachelor Awards 2016 is possible until 21 February 2016. A jury of experts, from both Damen and the Delft University of Technology, will judge the papers on five criteria:

  • Courage and innovation
  • Practical applicability
  • Social relevance
  • Persuasiveness
  • Synergy between different disciplines

Rules of the game

  • Bachelor finished in 2015 or will be finished before 21 February 2016;
  • The Bachelor thesis can be an individual or group result;
  • In case the Bachelor thesis is a group result, only one (contact)person has to complete the application;
  • Send your Bachelor paper including a two page summery before the deadline;
  • Applications can only be completed when the CVs of all participants are included in one document;
  • A jury formed by the UfD and Damen will judge the Bachelors papers;
  • A selection of all Bachelor papers will be done judged on a two page summary. The following subjects should be accounted for in the summary;
    1. Subject
    2. Research
    3. Result
  • The jury will create a shortlist of all potential winners;
  • A jury will determine all five UfD-Damen Bachelor Awards winners;
  • The awards ceremony will take place on 30 March 2016.

Have you recently finished your Bachelor paper? Make sure to apply soon and don’t miss out!