The Society Maritime Techonology was founded in 2012 to serve the master students of Maritime Technology. During the bachelors of MT the study association S.G. “William Froude” plays a big role in the connection between students, the university and the industry. However, the board of Froude is always made up by Bachelor students, which causes the main focus on bachelor students by this association. That is why a group of students started a network only focussed on master students MT.

SMT is the link between the master students (from both tracks), the university staff and the industry. The focus in activities can be divided in three main pillars:

  • Personal: Lunch lectures and Masterclasses
  • Education: Evaluations, Updates, Thesis portal, OCMT (Education Committee Maritime Technology)
  • Industry: Study trip, Case Tour

The board of SMT 2019/2020 consits of the following students:

  • Cas van Engelen
  • Casper van Lynden
  • Clemens Boertz
  • Emily Mertens
  • Farkas Beöthy
  • Lorenzo Cardinale
  • Marije Deul
  • Sam de Bode
  • Sophia Brans
  • Bart van der Kroft (QQ'er)