Woman in technology

Together with Delft Global, Booking.com introduces new Women in Technology Scholarships. A two-year initiative designed to support women seeking careers in technology. They also partnered with the University of Oxford for a similar scholarship.

A total of 5 scholarships for two-year MSc programmes will be offered at TU Delft, starting in the 2018-2019 academic year. These scholarships will be granted to women looking to further their education and advancement in the technology sector. Grants will be available to female students from a range of our partner universities across sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring access to opportunities in technology for female students from this region in addition to driving UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Prof. Tim van der Hagen, President of the Executive Board from TU Delft said, “We are thrilled that Booking.com and TU Delft are partnering to improve the access of high quality education in technology. Booking.com is the first corporate donor of the Delft Global Scholarships. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a guiding principle for the TU Delft. The scholarships will allow us to support capacity building in the Global South region and to advance future leadership focusing on sustainable development. We are proud that Booking.com shares our belief that building a digital economy needs world-wide knowledge circulation.”

More information can be found here.