Graduation assignment hydro-elastic behaviour on design loads

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Graduation assignment hydro-elastic behaviour on design loads
Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam is a design and engineering company that specialises in integrated vessel design, equipment design and marine operations engineering. With these disciplines Vuyk has an extensive track record in executing projects independently, in-house with their highly specialists engineering team. Vuyk’s tailor-made designs are always created in close consultation with the customer, resulting in solutions that are “designed to function”.

As part of their policy and mission Vuyk offers apprenticeships and graduation assignments to the Technical Universities and polytechnics. Under the supervision of experienced engineers the students can work in the project teams as apprentice or do their research for their graduation. The research topics are related to technical issues that Vuyk is running into in the course of the projects that are executed. This can be directly linked to an engineering question that needs to be solved or can result in a research question that can serve as a graduation assignment. The topics are therefore always closely linked to the actuality of the projects

Research issue
Generally in ship design the hydrodynamic behaviour is calculated (3D diffraction) independently from the structural behaviour (FEM). This means that structural deformation is not incorporated in the hydrodynamic behaviour. For classic ships with a single load path this is generally not a problem. But for some ship types the combined hydro-elastic behaviour might be of importance. Below two cases from the dredging industry are described.
Most cutter suction dredger consist of two bows with the cutterladder in between. On the two bows a gantry is placed that is used to hoist the cutter ladder, but it also connects the two bows. The wave loads between the bows have therefor multiple load paths:

  • Through the ship structure (aftward around the cutter recess)
  • Through the gantry
  • Through the cutter ladder

In order to investigate the load distribution over the different load paths a hydro-elastic analysis calculating stress-RAO’s or load-RAO’s of the flexible structure under wave loads should be performed. With these RAO’s the design loads (of the gantry, cutter ladder and bows) can be retrieved by statistical analysis. But also the fatigue behaviour can be determined.
Another example of hydro-elastic significance can be seen at splithoppers. These vessels consist of two hulls coupled at the forward and aft, at the hinge (at deck) and the cylinder (bottom). Four connections in total. Due to the statically undetermined coupling the structural stiffness will influence the load distribution. Question is how does the actual hydro-elastic load distribution compare to the generally used design loads based on the rules.

In order to investigate this hydro-elastic behaviour Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam is looking for an intern that is willing to study this in a graduation project or internship.

Support during graduation
During the graduation assignment a graduation supervisor from Vuyk will be assigned. He or she will coach you through your assignment and will have regular meetings to check the progress and the content. But as you will work for a longer period of time in the company, you will find out that many employees will be able to help you out with practical issues are can discuss with you on technical matters.
Furthermore Vuyk is using a variety of software for design, strength, motion and flow calculations. These can be used during your assignment and you can get support on the application of the software.
Vuyk will also prove a graduation fee to each student that will perform his or her research in our office.
We are happy and willing to support the students at all time. However, a graduation assignment will be an independent exercise for the student. The responsibility for execution and planning will be with the student. We will try to assist you on these aspects as well.

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