Postponed: SMT Maritime Discussion Night

Evenement type:  excursions
Datum:  05 juni 18:00  t/m  23:59  uur
Postponed: SMT Maritime Discussion Night

At the 5th of June 2020 the first “Maritime Discussion Night” will take place at the TU Delft. The Maritime Discussion Night is an event that offers approximately 35 Maritime Master Students the opportunity to actively participate in a debate and a discussion about emissions in order to learn about the different (political) viewpoints and to dive into the changes that we will face as future engineers. 

At the TU Delft we are taught the academic material with regards to emissions, but to avoid a colored (political) view the emission debate is not fully covered. However, as students we are aware of the existence of regulatory, social, technical, financial and many more challenges and conflicts. By means of this Discussion Night we hope to deepen out this topic and to open our eyes for the broadness of emissions.

The event will consist of two rounds of debate, to be held by our students. This debate will be moderated and allows for the interruption by a member of the invited expert panel. This setup allows the debate to be both broad and factual. Between the debates, and over the course of the dinner that is served, several discussion topics will be posed to those present (which is a mix of students and the expert panel). At the end of the events questions of the students will be presented to the panel and their opinions are asked. The event closes with drinks.


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