KIVI lezing

Evenement type:  seminars
Locatie:  Collegezaal A
Datum:  14 november 18:00  t/m  22:00  uur
KIVI lezing

In the space of just a few weeks, two 81-meter road ferries for the Canadian ferry operator BC Ferries have been launched at Damen Shipyards Galati and are now being fitted out ahead of entering service next year. Once operational they will be capable of carrying up to 300 passengers and crew, and 47 vehicles.

These vessels are fitted out with a full electric propulsion system. Damen R&D researched the various propulsion options and put forward the full electric solution as the best combinatino of durability and economy, in whcih the owners were pleased to agree.

Voor aanvang van de lezing wordt er door de Kivi een gratis diner aangeboden in het lagerhuysch. Na de lezing al hier ook een aansluitende (gratis) borrel zijn.