IMAREST lecture: Wind assisted propulsion

Evenement type:  seminars
Locatie:  Lecturehall C
Datum:  29 januari 18:30  t/m  22:00  uur
IMAREST lecture: Wind assisted propulsion

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Presented by:

Rogier Eggers (MARIN), Michael Vahs (Hochschule Emden/Leer)

The ambition to achieve substantial reductions of greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime industry is growing and stricter legislation is very likely forthcoming. Whereas this is going to be a big challenge, there are many techniques that are considered. A typical focus is to change to some type of synthetic fuel that then must be produced also without creating much air emissions. But at the forefront should also be the general reduction of energy consumption on ships. And to make big steps there, wind assisted ship propulsion is considered to have high potential for particular ship types and operational scenarios. Past and present research and practical developments in wind propulsion are discussed in the lecture to highlight what it can bring and which questions or hurdles still need to be tackled.

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