Symposium Lunch Lecture: NGO Shipbreaking Platform

Evenement type:  seminars
Locatie:  3mE collegezaal A
Datum:  23 november 12:30  t/m  13:30  uur
Symposium Lunch Lecture: NGO Shipbreaking Platform

To introduce the Symposium on the 19th of February a lunch lecture is organised with a special surprise. More information on the surprise will be given later.

During the lunch lecture NGO Shipbreaking Platform will give an explanation of how do they see the future of shipbreaking. How would shipbreaking ideally look like in 2050? How do we get there? Are we on the right track to reach this idealised goal. What is our role as future engineers?

The Shipbreaking Platform is a coalition of environmental, human and labor rights organisations. They operate from Brussels and try to influence multiple partners in order to improve the conditions in which shipbreaking is executed. Have already a look on there website .

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