Lecture & case study DOB-Academy

Evenement type:  excursions
Locatie:  Raam 180, Delft
Datum:  20 maart 15:30  t/m  18:00  uur
Lecture & case study DOB-Academy

On the 20th of March there will be an interesting lecture and case study organised about the Offshore Wind Sector in 'De Oude Bibliotheek', the former library of the TU Delft!

The DOB-Academy welcomes us at the end of the afternoon for a challenging program:
15.30-16.00 Welcome with coffee & tea
16.00-16.45 Lecture - Offshore Wind Industry: 
Learning to speak a common language and understanding every aspect of this rapidly growing industry is of great importance for a fruitful and economically viable future. In this lecture you will gain insight into the complete offshore wind energy playing field. Furthermore, political and social influences are also regarded finishing with an outlook on the future of offshore wind technology.
16.45-17.30 Case study - Installing a Miniature Wind Farm:
In this case, participants will build and install a working miniature offshore wind farm in our water tank consisting of eight wind turbines. Initially, each team will invest money to acquire supplies, knowledge on soil quality, vessels for installation and transportation, materials and construction time. Participants will then face the challenge of using their money wisely to build the cheapest wind farm in the least possible amount of time. At the end of the case, the wind farms will be tested and the team with the lowest investment will win.
17.30-18.00 alcohol free drinks with home made snacks

The event is for both Bachelor and Master students, but the program will be in English!

Participation will be free of charge, but you need to register for an estimation of the participants.

The address is Raam 180, Delft. See you there!