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SMT Townhall meeting

Townhall meetings are the place where you can give your feedback of all the courses held in the quarter. This is as well the perfect opportunity to give feedback about anything you want.

Lunch Lecture Bart Scheeren
Nevesbu Case

Offshore wind energy is becoming a significant part in the renewable energy mix, but has still not reached its full potential. There are locations where steadier and stronger winds can be found than in the North Sea, but typically these locations are in water depths over 500 m. A lot of floating wind turbine concepts have already been developed. But to decrease the transport losses of energy to shore, a floating wind farm also need a floating substation to convert the energy from wind turbines to High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC). During this case study you will design your own floating HVDC platform. The challenge will be to create a floating solution for equipment that was designed for land-based application in wind speeds of 8 Beaufort and waves up to 12 meters high.

Emission Discussion Night

On the 27th of November 2020 the first “Maritime Discussion Night” will take place from 17:00 to 19:00. The Maritime Discussion Night is an event that offers Maritime Master Students the opportunity to actively participate in a discussion and debate about emissions in order to learn about the different (political) viewpoints and to dive into the changes that we will face as future engineers.

Townhall Meeting
Lunch Lecture Martin van der Eijk
Career Path After MT

9, 10 and 11 December 2020 the Society of Maritime Technology will organise a webinar concerning Career Paths for current MSc. MT students. Career Path After MT is a webinar, where multiple master Marine Technology alumni will tell about their career path and choices. The alumni will first give a short presentation about their career and choices they have made during their career.  After the presentation, you can ask questions about their career and have a discussion. The event will be split into three evenings, all from 20:00 to ca. 21:30, and each with their own central topic. Each evening consists of three rounds per alumnus with a Q&A after the presentation. The considered topics per evening are:

A compliment for your teacher

It is not easy for our teachers in these times either. They do their best to provide the best online education possible, even when they know that this is not always as pleasant as a physical lecture.

Townhall meeting Q3 (12:40-13:30)

A quartarly meeting to discuss the education and give your feedback about your courses and education in general. 

- Actions taken after Q2 townhallmeeting
- Courses Q3 feedback
- Education in general feedback
- Q&A with Peter de Vos